About us

Bluewater Methadone Clinic (BMC) has been helping people with opiate addictions along the path to a life free of opiate drugs since 2004. We now have 3 clinics – Sarnia since 2004, Chatham since 2010 and Wallaceburg since 2012.

At the core of our team are 5 physician-owners. We feel this structure offers an advantage over clinics owned by pharmacists or investors that hire physicians that may or may not practice in the geographical area. We take pride in BMC providing the best possible care in a safe, tolerant and confidential environment that encourages recovery. The responsibility for these goals falls on us. 

In addition to the doctors we have 2 nurses, 5 full time and 3 part time case managers and 7 front line and administration staff that have all committed in helping BMC help you through recovery.

BMC has taken the time and effort to develop relationships with several other agencies including:

  •     local hospitals;
  •     local public health services;
  •     mental health agencies;
  •     in-patient and out-patient treatment programs;
  •     woman’s interval homes;
  •     Children’s Aid;
  •     probation and parole;
  •     Ontario Works;
  •     Ontario Disability;
  •     The Local Health Integration Network (LHIN);
  •     Community Health Centers in Chatham Kent and Sarnia Lambton;
  •     Ontario Telemedicine Network;
  •     Connex Ontario.

Our patients benefit from the development of these relationships because these agencies have a better understanding of the needs and goals of the clientele we serve and the value of our program and because BMC staff have a better understanding of the goals and mechanisms of these organizations. Additionally, these relationships may provide the opportunity for BMC to act as patient advocates – that is we can sometimes assist patients navigate through these services or bureaucracies. 

We will not discuss any aspects of your care with any agency without your permission except in the rare case this is ordered by a judge.

BMC pharmacy

Each clinic has also partnered with an on-site pharmacy. The BMC pharmacists are very experienced in the treatment of opiate addiction and use the same electronic medical record as the clinics. They can see the prescriptions in electronic form and are able to access the after-hours doctor-on-call by pager or text message. Patients that use these pharmacies may also leave samples 7 days per week. BMC pharmacy adds and extra layer of safety and convenience for our patients.


Patients that desire some 1:1 counseling for their drug use or other problems may access this at our clinics. These sessions are by appointment only. Ask your Case Manager if you are interested.

The Sarnia site also has a psychotherapist available without cost to our patients. He is very experienced in techniques that can be helpful for chronic pain, anxiety, grief and relapse prevention. Talk to your Case Manager or BMC physician if you are interested.

New mom or pregnant?

Each Thursday morning an out-reach service for pregnant women and new mothers is provided by a Lambton Public Health nurse at the Sarnia site. The nurse will help make sure all of your prenatal needs are being met and help provide well baby care. Dropping by is OK.

We can help arrange for you to see a public health nurse in Chatham-Kent.