Getting started is simple

A referral is NOT necessary to talk to a physician at any of the Bluewater Methadone Clinics.

Please look under the section Eligibility to make sure this could work for you.

Next, contact our office to set an appointment time. You may either call the clinic you are interested in or complete the e-mail form on this site.

First appointment. Please read this:

You should come early as there is paper work to fill out and information to read.

You must bring a valid OHIP card or at least evidence of coverage. We cannot proceed without this. If you are not sure if your card is valid or do not have a card go to your local Ontario Shared Services or OHIP office before your appointment. Even a temporary number is enough for us to start. 

You will be required to submit a urine sample before you can be enrolled in either Suboxone or methadone maintenance programs.

You do not have to be clean of opioid drugs before starting on methadone or Suboxone. Prevention of withdrawal symptoms is a focus of methadone and Suboxone maintenance and signs of drug use is expected.

Using street methadone will delay your entry into the methadone program by 1-3 days. This does not affect the Suboxone program.

You can't start Suboxone if you have used short acting opiates in the last 24 hours or long acting opiates like methadone in the last 48 hours. Doing so will cause precipitated withdrawal. We can still do the intake however and schedule your induction for a later date.

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