Each clinic offers group sessions led by a BMC Case Manager. You may find these useful to assist you through recovery. Group sessions are provided free of charge.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is all about you and coping in recovery.  We spend time discussing coping skills, dealing with stress, and choosing your situations. 

During this time, we share what has worked for us in the past and encourage each other to share stories in a positive manner to help us gain tools in recovery. 

This group is open to any patient of methadone/Suboxone maintenance therapy who is serious about sobriety.  This group is to help support and be supported in recovery.

Harm Reduction

Complete abstinence if preferable for many but not everyone will achieve it and those that do may periodically relapse. Harm Reduction recognizes that recovery is not just black or white. There are many positive incremental changes that even those with an active addiction is capable of.

These improvements are encouraged and nurtured. The Harm Reduction Group is non judgmental and a client driven process.

Concurrent Disorder

The Concurrent Disorders group is for those who are suffering from an addiction and a mental health disorder.  Many people with depression and anxiety disorders become addicted to opiates.

This group is open to currently enrolled Suboxone or methadone patients.

Mothers on Methadone (MoM)

For mothers and pregnant patients. A self-help support group mediated by BMC Case Managers. Lots of information and support. Remember also that Shannon the Public Health Nurse for pregnant and postpartum women is at BMC Sarnia on Thursday mornings.

Chatham on Wednesdays

Relapse Prevention:    starting October 9, 10 -11a.m.

Sarnia the 3rd and 4th week of each month 2 – 4 p.m. (except MoM)

Relapse Prevention:    Monday    

Concurrent Disorder:   Tuesday 

Harm Reduction:         Thursday

MoM:                         1st Wednesday of each month from 10 – 1130 a.m.

Wallaceburg on Wednesdays

Relapse Prevention:      starting October 9, 1 – 2 p.m.